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About Us

HT Travel (formerly Helen Thompson Travel) is a full service travel agency offering corporate and leisure travel.  We have made some changes over the past two years due to the pandemic, but we are still here to handle and help with all of your travel needs.  

All of our clients enjoy the convenience, personal service and savings provided by our team of superior travel service professionals working with leading edge technology.  Together, they make the worlds most powerful search engine ensuring you get the best travel at the best price.


Your time is precious.  You have choices today.  You can research and book your trip online, you might even save a few dollars,  Then again, you might find that even for a simple trip from A to B, it takes a lot longer than you expected to find the right flight for the best price-if you ever do find it. 

If your flight is oversold, cancelled, or the operator files for bankruptcy, your be on your own. Knowledge of connecting times for multi-segment flights is also a must.  Just because the airline offers a connecting flight does not necessarily mean you will have enough time to get from one flight to another. Additionally,  airfares are getting increasingly complex with stricter change and refund policies, addon options like baggage fees, onboard meals, and seat selections.  Why not let us help you navigate all of these things.

Whether you are booking a simple flight, a car rental, a hotel stay, a vacation, cruise, tour, destination wedding, or anything else you can imagine we are here to help!

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